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Men's Health

What is Men's Health?

Testosterone is a primary androgenic hormone that decreases as men age. This is commonly known as “Male Menopause” or “Andropause”. Low levels of testosterone can be related to changes such as gradual loss of energy, loss of muscle, loss of mental focus, increased fat, decreased stamina, loss of libido, and decreased sexual function. More than 18 million men in the United States over age 20 are affected by erectile dysfunction, according to a study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 


Testosterone is central in the male sexual response, not only in the desire for sex but also in the mechanics of withstanding an erection. Consult your doctor with symptoms of low libido (or desire for sex) and fatigue for the most suitable option for your needs.

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Benefits of Managing Men's Health 

Sexual health and wellness is not simply freedom from disease; it’s about the quality of life and the ability to enjoy your sexuality throughout your life.


My Dr's Apothecary offers many specifically compounded medication treatments for sexual problems like helping improve libido and desire as prescribing options for doctor.

Common Men's Health Compounds 

  • Testosterone 0.1% to 20% topical cream

  • Testosterone 1mg/gm to 10mg/gm topical gel

  • Testosterone 10% topical gel-cream

  • Testosterone 5% to 10% topical Lipoderm

  • Testosterone/Chrysin (5%/5%) topical cream

  • Methyltestosterone 0.125mg to 10mg Troches

  • Methyltestosterone 5mg to 20mg capsules

  • Sildenafil/Testosterone (1%/0.1%) gel

  • Sildenafil/Testosterone (1%/0.1%) Cream

  • Testosterone 0.5mg to 5mg Rapid Dissolving Tablet

  • Testosterone 1 mg to 5mg Slow Release Capsule

  • Testosterone 1mg/0.1ml sublingual suspension

  • Testosterone/Anastrozole (1.5%/0.04%) topical gel

  • Testosterone 1mg to 25mg Troches

  • Testosterone 5% Scalp Lotion

  • Testosterone/Finasteride (5%/0.1%) Topical gel

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